Longer ago than we care to think (more than 35 years!), two young women came back from Bali with a rucksack full of exciting and unusual silver jewellery. Wasn't the world a larger place then? Bali was a distant, exotic destination (actually we think it still is) and a phone call home had to be booked days in advance from the only hotel in Kuta with an international line. That was the start of Toko Jewellery. The very name is the Balinese word for 'shop'.

Since then, we have specialised in beautiful, affordable silver jewellery from all over the world and we still go off on our travels to find and bring back the newest and best designed jewellery for our lovely customers, who we have come to know so well. From natural stone jewellery from India to handmade highly polished silver from Mexico, via Amber from the Baltic and sophisticated modernistic styles in gold vermeil from beautiful Italy, everything is sourced with you in mind.

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